• A stronghold or fortified place' a bulwark
  • A fortress in a commanding position in or near a city.
  • A General Construction Firm committed to client satisfaction striving for "Excellence of Execution from Concept to Completion"

CITADEL Construction Corporation is a comprehensive General Construction Firm based in Port St. Lucie, Florida.

As your General Construction Firm, we securely place you inside the commanding position to deliver the results you desire for your project.

We are fortified in our strict adherence to our bedrock belief:  "Excellence of Execution from Concept to Completion."

The foundation of CITADEL is firmly planted atop the half-century-plus experience of our Principal Management TEAM.

At the Base of our foundation is our collaborative admiration for "tried and true" building techniques as well as a genuine interest and investment in emerging building technologies.

Paramount to our efforts is the ideology that we can deliver the project you seek while ultimately peaking your project value.

CITADEL is proudly a family-owned-and-operated firm that exists upon the foundation of our family's commitment to quality construction...

Realize the infinite strength and stability of your vision built into reality atop the CITADEL Foundation.

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CITADEL Construction Corp. is eager to share information regarding our initiatives and progress as a proud member of the Florida Construction Community.



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